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Eyeglasses frame – how to choose the right one for me?

The sort of visual issue we have affects the shape of the lenses for our eyeglass frames. Those who are farsighted uses convex lenses, which are curved outward, while those who are shortsighted must use concave lenses, which appear to be curved inward. The transparent part of our eye which is called cornea is structured incorrectly if we have astigmatism, thus the lenses may be more cylindrical in shape. Everyone of us may ask this question within ourselves when it came to eyeglasses frame; that how to choose the right one for me? (more…)


Where and how to shop for the best prescription glasses in Malaysia?

Prescription eyewear is a common part of many individuals’ lives. Not just adults, children and youngsters too, have increasingly become reliant on prescription eyewear due to the long time spent online. Eye glasses now play a multi-faceted role and are no longer only limited to eye problems. Whether as an anti-fog, anti-dust protection, or blue light filter - a person's prescription eyewear has an all-encompassing role. Looking for the perfect pair of glasses is quite a challenge. There is a plethora of choices available, making the process of deciding on one become tricky. Kuala Lumpur is the hub of finding some of the best eyewear brands in the country. However, if you are looking for not just brands but also an entirely personalised eyewear experience - Malaya Optical is undoubtedly…


Malaya Optical – one of the most trusted optical stores in Malaysia

The beginning of Malaya Optical Since its inception in the 1950s, Malaya Optical has, with great rapidity, become a household name in Malaysia. Its continued reputation is solely due to its excellent service, integrity, and sincerity that  always puts client satisfaction as a top priority. Here is how our story starts- our founder, Ho Kai, came to "The Malay Peninsula" in the year 1922. Malaya Optical (not Malayan) at High Street (Jalan H.S. Lee) opened its gates in 1971. Since then, several people of repute have joined our business and imparted their expertise. For instance, Bobby Hoe, former President of the Malaysian Optometry Association (MOA), joined our company as an Ocular Prosthesis Specialist. William Ho, another President of MOA, also joined us as the Operation Manager. In 2006 Malaya Optical,…

Function of Essilor Lenses

Why Are Essilor Lenses Best For Your Eyes?

Essilor, a pioneer in visual lenses with more than 160 years of operation, is the company behind the famed Crizal lenses and Varilux lenses. Essilor dedicates more than $250 million annually to research and the development of eye care products that are customised to your changing requirements and lifestyles. It should come as no surprise that Essilor lenses are the industry leaders in cutting-edge technology that not only improves your vision but also protects your eyes. What are the specialities of Essilor lenses? Essilor creates, produces, and sells a variety of lenses to enhance, treat, and safeguard vision. Some of the most cutting-edge lenses in the world are Crizal and Varilux by Essilor. In this article, we will discuss what makes these two products by Essilor so popular. Varilux by…

Gucci Sunglasses

Shopping for glasses from luxury brands? Get the best Gucci eyewear at Malaya Optical

Shopping for luxury frames from anywhere can be very tricky. Is the source you are buying from reliable? Are the products you are investing in legitimate? No need for such worries if you are shopping from Malaya Optical. Consistently branded as one of the top optometrists in Malaysia, Malaya Optical deals in luxury frames from a variety of top brands. One such coveted brand of eyewear that you can find at Malaya Optical is Gucci. Perhaps, you are hoping to get that one particular frame from the newly launched Gucci glassescollection. Chances are, Malaya Optical already has it in their stores. Read on to find out more about what makes Gucci frames such a craze among people worldwide. About Gucci Founded in 1881 in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci, the…

Garrett Leight trunkshow

Garrett Leight Trunkshow

MALAYA OPTICAL are glad to announce about the upcoming event for Garrett Leight Trunkshow featuring their classic and timeless collection for our customers. This Trunkshow will be held for continues three days from 18th November 2022 till 20th November 2022. For these three days we will be having a big celebration of caring one of our pride brand called Garrett Leight. (more…)

New Transition Xtractive Polarized lenses

New Transition Xtractive Polarized

Transition lenses—also known as photochromic lenses—are the lenses that get darker in bright light and lighter in dim or low light. These lenses, which have been available for at least ten years, provide the comfort of sunglasses without requiring you to wear them over your prescription glasses or to alternate between the two all the time. Transition lenses equipped with the latest generation and breakthrough the best technology for you. It challenged the research team to develop a light intelligent photochromic lens that was darker outdoors, clear indoors, with improved reaction and fade back speeds, all without compromising on protection and quality. And now we have more newest transition lens technology which has the greatest future of new transition xtractive polarized. Essilor lenses has the best transition or photochromic technology…



New frame designs and colour schemes are included in the Dita Fall-Winter 2022 line. In the midst of chaos, it offers fresh methods to express oneself while further understanding what it means to be "A Category of One." This compilation represents an acceptance of silliness and spontaneity. DITA as a company constantly considers how they present themselves in the midst of the chaos and provides Fall/Winter collection as a platform for others to express who they truly are. This diverse collection pushes the limits of technological design and maintains the company's position as a leader in the eyewear sector by reinterpreting the necessities of daily eyewear in an elegant way. DITA FALL-WINTER 2022 Acetate + Titanium The DNA of DITA has a design pillar called GRAND-APX, which is an enlarged…

Essilor Crizal Rock and Crizal Sapphire HR


Essilor Crizal Rock and Crizal Sapphire HR are the latest coatings introduced by Essilor. Our eyes are always watching the hectic rhythm of our daily schedule every day and teaching us what life is all about. Daily aggressions might affect our ability to see clearly and comfortably. Our optical health depends on choosing the best lenses, and Anti-Reflection lenses are a necessity for our spectacles to be complete. All ages are advised to use anti-reflection lenses, which offer the advantages listed below. See BetterBy minimizing reflection from headlights, taillights, and streetlights, anti-reflective glasses make nighttime driving safer and more comfortable. Feel BetterAnti-Reflective lenses are nearly undetectable to others around you because they are clear, unclouded, and reflection-free. People notice you, not your spectacles. Sense betterAnti-reflective lenses reduce headaches and eye…

zeiss adaptive sun

ZEISS Adaptive Sun

ZEISS Adaptive Sun, also known as ZEISS Self-tinting Lenses offers you strong photochromic lenses for additional convenience and better eyesight. Sunglasses made by ZEISS with AdaptiveSun automatically adapt their color intensity based on UV exposure while maintaining full UV protection and glare protection at all times to accommodate the shifting environments you encounter throughout the day. ZEISS photochromic lenses eliminate the need for changing glasses. Smart sunglasses lens technology from ZEISS Adaptive Sun enables lenses to quickly change from dark to darker with pleasant viewing. You can guarantee convenient, crystal-clear, and pleasant vision in this way. We are exposed to various surroundings and lighting conditions throughout the course of the day. Some people even go outdoor and indoor often within the same day. When the light conditions change, some people who wear sunglasses…